Frequently Asked

Trace Together is the contact tracing initiative of the SM Group of companies to participate in the collective national effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Trace Together was created to address the tedious, repetitive, and often unhygienic process of filling out multiple paper forms every time a customer visits a tenant.  Trace Together provides a unified platform for all tenants to use free of charge as a service to customers.

They essentially are the same in their goal to track and control the spread of the virus.

The difference lies in the approach and method in which relevant information is gathered.  While other platforms will force the customer into compliance, the Trace Together system relies on openness and honesty.  The web based system will only collect information volunteered by the user and nothing more.  Entered details will automatically be pre-filled the next time a QR code is scanned within 7 days.

Trace Together is unique in that it works seamlessly within the SM ecosystem which means that Trace Together and all its features are available whether customer is in an SM mall, Department Store, Hotel, or any of its retail affiliates nationwide.

Apps can be intrusive to the user’s privacy in that it can gather data unrelated to contact tracing and without the user’s knowledge.

SM’s contact tracing technology is a web-based application that is by nature, technically limited to what it can collect.  No special permissions or access is needed to use the system and it relies on your honest and truthful declaration.

Depending on the mobile phone model, scan the QR code with the camera and the registration page will appear.

  • SCAN the QR
  • DECLARE- Fill- out & Submit the Form
  • ENTER ANYWHERE – Enter the mall and feel free to shop in any store or dine in any restaurant the mall.
  • Name
  • City address
  • Mobile number
  • Mall location
  • Health condition

As often as practically possible.  Tenants will require you to scan the code and present the results to the guard before entry/service.  Food establishments, salons, etc. are required by law to also have you fill out the health declaration form as well.

Please note that while health declarations can be filled-out anywhere in the mall and are valid for 24 hours, tenants may require proof that the health declaration was filled out accordingly. 

You may want to consider a screenshot of the confirmation page.


Children and Senior Citizens are not encouraged to go to malls but if they have valid reasons to do so, they still have to register for contact tracing purposes.

You may:

  • opt to use manual forms available from the tenant
  • use a friend or family member’s smartphone

You can use the mall’s free and dedicated WiFi SSID marked @SM_TraceTogether at participating SM properties. Please note that this WiFi SSID cannot be used for internet surfing to comply with government requirements.

Just scan the code again to start over.

It is not recommended.  If you do so, it would defeat the purpose of a contact tracing program and be a disservice to yourself and others by preventing contact in case of a possible exposure.

By entering our details into the Trace Together database (or any other contact tracing solution), you help control the spread of COVID-19 by allowing yourself or others to be contacted should you or others possibly be exposed. This notification will allow for treatment or isolation to prevent further spread to your friends or family.  It is our duty as a community and country to protect and safeguard each other.

Yes, it is the law.  The Philippine Government’s 2nd phase of the National Act Plan requires registration to a contact tracing solution before entry into any establishment.

SM stores this in a secure server and must, by law, DELETE this data after 30 days.  It will only be extracted upon request from authorized government agencies after a strict and thorough approval process.

No.  SM and its affiliates are prohibited by law under Republic Act 11332 from using this information for any other purpose other than contact tracing as requested by the government.  Since our company can be held accountable for any breaches, we ensure that strict measures are in place to prevent legal exposure.

From the moment you hit “Submit”, your information is secured with SHA256 with RSA encryption – the same used for credit card transactions.  Our servers are located abroad and use industry-leading standards in security and reliability.

To hold ourselves accountable, only a single person holds the key to this database.

No.  There is no avenue to do so.

To make your experience more seamless, we use cookies to pre-fill out the form on subsequent registrations.  These cookies are encrypted and can only be read by Trace Together.  You may also opt to flush the cookies by clearing your browser’s cache.

Yes it is available NATIONWIDE.  Scan and declare once in ANY SM property and you can literally go anywhere (where Trace Together is offered) using the same declaration!

Trace Together is available at:

  • SM malls and its establishments
  • Retail affiliates (such as SM Store, Pet Express, Toy Kingdom, Sports Central, Our Home, Crate and Barrel, Forever 21, Miniso, Watsons, Kultura, Body Shop, Bata Shoes, Uniqlo and other specialty stores)
  • Hotels and convention centers such as Taal Vista Hotel, Pico Sands Hotel, Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson, Conrad Manila, and the SMX Convention Centers and Trade Halls.
  • Office buildings such as One to Three E-Com, Mall of Asia Arena Annex, NU Mall of Asia Building, North Towers, Fairview Towers, Cyber West, Mega Tower SM Cyber One and Two, SM Aura Tower, SM South Tower, Net Group of Buildings, and more.

Trace Together is designed purely as a contact tracing tool, and is guaranteed ad-free. However, some free mobile apps, including QR code scanners, may prompt the display of ads on your screen. Rest assured, these ads are randomly displayed by the mobile apps and are in no way associated or initiated by Trace Together.

The Trace Together team will remain compliant to the privacy policies and protocols set herein. Thank you very much.